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  STREET LIVIN' - The Black Eyed Peas (黑眼豆豆)

  Written Alverez

  Streets streets

  Livin' in the streets

  Street livin' caught in a trap

  Guns or books sell crack or rap

  Be like kings or be like pawns

  They called us coons now they call us cons

  Street niggas be packing pistols

  Terrorists be blasting missles

  Crips and Bloods and retail thugs

  CIA planes bring Colombian drugs

  Don't push me 'cause I'm close to hell

  The teachers in my neighborhood can hardly spell

  And compare to them prison guards get payed well

  Ten years no bail is 4 years at Yale

  So forget about the statue of General Lee

  Because the status of blacks are generally

  Gonna end up in some penitentiary

  Systematically that's how they made it to be

  Listen they derailed the soul train

  And put a nightmare into every Martin Luther King

  And privatized prisons are owned by the same

  Slave masters that owned the slave trade game

  And racists no longer have to be racist

  'Cause niggas kill more niggas than the KKK did

  Now every time I hear a new def jam

  Niggas killing niggas like they Ku Klux Klan

  I understand what's a ni**a to choose

  Be the killer or be the dead dude in the news

  I get it what's a ni**a to do

  No education in the hood got a ni**a confused

  Street livin' tough conditions

  Brainwashed by the television

  We lost in the war we live in

  Double cross love lost no religion

  Street livin' oh my gosh

  Another brother got shot by the searg'

  Another cop got off with no charge

  If you black in the hood you at large

  You're guilty until we prove you're innocent

  If you're ivory they treat you different

  If you're ebony they assume you're temperament

  Well be vigilant and they call you militant

  You'll get shot and they'll say the incident

  Is 'cause you're beligerent

  What a coincidence

  Born and bred but you're still an immigrant

  If you ain't dead you can see imprisonment

  There's more niggas in the prisons than there ever slaves cotton picking

  There's more niggas that's rotting in the prisons

  Than there ever slaves cotton picking

  So how we gon' get out the trap

  Guns or books sell crack or rap

  Street livin' hustle or hoops

  Guns or books get shot or shoot

  Street livin' ain't no rules

  Break the law make the breakin' news

  The life you choose could be the life you lose

  Niggas getting stuck for the Nike shoes

  Street livin' ain't no joke

  It's a cold world better bring your coat

  Revoke 'cause the streets are broke

  And now they wanna take away our dreams and hopes

  Street livin' no economics

  No way out of the Reaganomics

  Infected by the black plague new bubonic

  No comprende we speak ebonics

  Street livin' what's your position

  You can take action or take a dick

  Listen you can get f**ked by the system

  Or you can say f**k the system